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Night Sky

Our Games

We offer private games, you will NOT be paired with other guests.

Night Sky

Zombie Apocalypse

A viral outbreak has occurred that turned everyone into a zombie. You and your friends managed to acquire an antidote that made you immune to the virus for 60 minutes.


You need to sound the siren to call for help and leave the city before you get infected! Good luck!

  • Dark and spooky

  • Can be played by 2-8 players

  • Recommended number of players: 4-5

Earth View at Night

US Highway 19 Motel

  • Can be played by 2-6 players

  • Recommended number of players: 3-4

It's raining non-stop and you found yourselves stranded on the side of the road close to US Highway 19 motel. Rumors have it that the owners' only son has been acting odd since his mother passed away. It's been months since the last time someone has seen him out. There is no real answers on what happened to his mother either. 

The storm is getting worse, and you desperately need a place to stay. Despite the rumors, you have no choice but to check-in. Will you and your friends manage to check out? Or will this night get even worse?

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